We are here for you…

Our mission is to support you in developing a deep meaningful connection in your close relationships and to life. Research shows that we can intentionally shape and restore our most significant relationships. 
Without a clear roadmap we can be left frustrated, alone and hurting. We want to help you use the revolutionary science of attachment to heal, repair and reconnect.


There is a pathway out of marital distress. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT) is the gold standard for evidence based interventions that help couples reconnect. It shows couples that they hold the key that fit each other’s lock; that they can be their truest self together and be loved, appreciated and admired for who they are.


Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Trauma are all rooted in our emotional regulation system. They can really shake us up and leave us feeling discouraged and confused. Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) is a powerful and effective intervention that helps us make sense of what is happening to us. It helps us achieve stability and heal, so that we can feel whole again and be the best version of our self.


Sibling rivalry, family conflicts and stressed parenting can really tax the family system. Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) transforms these patterns of distress which undermine the family’s wellbeing. It promotes understanding and acceptance, which leads to a greater connection and a felt sense of looking out for one another. With this felt sense of safety and unity everyone’s needs can be seen and tended to.


For as long as I can remember I was passionate about helping others. As a therapist, I have been focused and committed to learning and developing the most effective ways to help my clients. I understand that when people come to see me, they are trusting me and letting me into the most sacred parts of their lives. I feel so grateful and privileged that for the past 17 years I have met, connected with, and helped hundreds of wonderful precious people. One of my greatest life missions is helping my clients be in deep loving relationships and having a felt sense that they are not alone, that they are loved, and that someone has their back.

“I realize now that when I first came to therapy, in my greatest imagination, I did not know how wonderful life can be. I am now succeeding more than ever, and despite my imperfections, I feel whole and valued.”